You Must Have Talent


When we sing in the shower we hear great potential, but put us in front of Simon Cowell and the truth soon comes out. You think you’re a great singer? Good for you. Just remember that sometimes fantasy is very different from reality.

The best way to find out is by getting opinions from others, and these ‘others’ have to be strangers or someone completely honest. Don’t bother asking your parents, siblings, cousins, lover, kids, etc. The odds are they’ll say you’re good because they love you.

The best place to find strangers is on the internet. Post a video on Youtube or your website/blog, and see what people say. Ignore the trolls who only post insults, but listen to the constructive criticism. Heed their warnings and note down any advice that you give. Use their advice to improve your acting/singing ability.

What happens if you can’t sing/act?

The decision is yours. There are many entertainers out there who lack talent but still hit the big time. However, the public will always see them as amateurs or jokes in a ‘serious’ business. Serious awards- grammys and Oscars- will be harder to win, and if you do win the awards’ creditability will be put into question, and the chance of you going down in history as an icon or legend are pretty small.