No Gimmicks

The music industry is rapidly going downhill because music is second to gimmicks- music should be second to none.

There are times when a duet is anticipated for many years e.g. Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. People have been waiting to see who would come out on top, and finally we have the chance to see. Your fans will be left with a sour taste in their mouths if the collaboration doesn’t live up to the hype. Choose a record that suits you both, give each other an equal amount of time, and be yourself. Using a duet to sell records is a waste of time. People will sense the desperation miles away.

If you cannot sing, don’t rely on autotune or studio trickery. Eventually you’ll need to sing without it, and then your talent will come into question. Studio magic will improve an average voice, but don’t expect to come out sounding like Whitney and Mariah circa 1990. Autotune lovers don’t earn respect from the industry or critics. You may be one of the best singers of your generation, but we can’t hear your immense flavour behind a machine.

By ‘beef’ I mean arguments with another artist. They might lead to massive first week sales if your fans are faithful, but longevity is down to you. One face-off may be handy if you need publicity, but if you keep starting trouble then that’s all you will be known for. Before long, your music will be forgotten for your bad attitude.

On blogs and websites good fashion sense gets people’s attention, but once they buy your album your voice will have to sell itself. Being adored by slaves to fashion is completely different from attracting music listeners who’ll buy your record. Also, going for ‘edgy’ and ‘sexy’ outfits just for the sake of it is pointless if they do not relate to your album’s sound.

Songs reflecting your life
“This album shows where I am in my life…”

“Every one of these songs hit me so hard…”

Relating to your album is touching, but don’t go overboard. Unless you were a large part of the creative process- writing, producing, arranging melodies., etc-do not pretend that this album is your diary. At the end of the day, others wrote these songs. You chose whichever song suits your personality, voice, image, and the genre that is ‘in’ right now. If you use the personal nature of the songs to sell the record, don’t be surprised when people question which songs you were referring to. You will look foolish if you relate on a deep, spiritual level with a songs about being hard, sexy, and other shallow topics.