Never Forget Your Past


I’m not talking about forgetting your anniversary, birthdays, turkey in the oven, TV show, etc, I mean important stuff.

Musicians who have short memory spans will eventually FALL HARD.

When you’re holding that golden statue in your hand, let your thank yous drift further back than your manager, record label and guest artists on your award-winning record/movie role.

Never forget:

1. Your people
Family, friends, and everyone else who has been there since day one. Along the way you’ll attract hanger-ons and keep note of who they are. They’ll be the first to leave when/if your career dips and dives. What goes up must come down. Every person you pi– off on the way up will be waiting for you when you come back down.

2. Your background
Your hometown, religion, and morals. Eventually you must choose between a publicity event and a get-together back home. Go back home. Never put your newfound celebrity pals over your childhood friends who knew you before you were famous. Second, don’t compromise your religion. I know religions tell people not to judge, but expect people to do so. People won’t think you’re very religious if you walk across the stage with your genitalia on show. Finaly, morals. Remember what you said at the start of your career, because the media, ‘haters’ and internet will always be there to remind you. If you said you’d never get naked for fame, in a magazine spread where you’re wearing a skimpy bikini then don’t be surprised if you get backlash. If you said you’d never ditch your group because they’re like family, expect anger when you go solo and never come back.

3. Fans
This should be obvious, but some people need a reminder. Don’t ignore your fans when they ask for autographs or updates on your situation. An autograph is cheap and fans are hard to come by, just ask any recent flops. Fans don’t forget, and some only need one rude outburst to shred your posters, delete their account on your forum and ‘bounce’. Also, be careful when you seek out new fans. Adapting to the current market must be done, but don’t do a complete 180 or you risk gaining no real fans and losing the ones you already have.