Keep Your Clothes On

It is VERY hard to listen to someone’s amazing voice when they are flashing their breasts in your face. It is equally when you want to concentrate but your artist rips off his chest, revealing an oiled, ripped six-pack to die for.

Remember: how you start is how you are expected to finish. If you use sex to sell at the start, don’t expect the public to suddenly take you seriously when you’re ‘too old’ to show some skin. I am not telling you to dress like a nun or wear a burka, but be classy. If your outfit is too embarrassing for your parents to see, then tone it down. A gorgeous gown will attract more POSITIVE attention than skimpy clothes making you the butt of jokes for weeks.

But, I hear you say, Sexxx Sells. Not necessarily.

Yes, sexy outfits will get you worldwide exposure. However, your status as a sex symbol is NOT guaranteed to translate into record-breaking sales. Instead those fans downloading your photoshoot for ‘personal use’ will do no more than that. When was the last time you bought an album because the artist was ‘hot’? You can’t hear a ‘sexy body’ in the car or on your ipod.

Keep your clothes on.