Don’t Pimp Yourself Out

Sadly I must use Beyonce as an example this time. I mean ‘sadly’ because she is a REAL musician, if you ignore ‘Sasha Fierce’, but in this area she lets us down time and time again.

Years ago Beyonce signed up with Loreal. Fair enough. All the downloading and lack of promotion means artists paid, but not PAID like MJ, Mariah and Whitney did. Anyway, Beyonce then starts promoting perfumes, even though she said she’s allergic to them…then she starts advertising safe credit cards for surfing the internet, even though she said doesn’t go online, and then she’s back with Loreal, even though that may not be her real hair, and then she’s helping end hunger, with her tour advertising in the background, and then she’s endorsing cable TV in her music video, and with DC3 she’s with Ronald McDonald, and…

STOOOOOOOOOOOOP! Let me breathe…Okay, let’s continue.

If you’re a REAL entertainer, don’t pimp yourself out. I can understand making money on the sidelines, because music does not pay much anymore, but keep it to a minimum. When people associate your name with everything from McDonald’s to the ‘red WHITE blue’ Loreal, you lose credibility. How can you be REAL when you’re acting so FAKE? You do not use any of that stuff, so don’t deceive your fans to get them to buy it. People want MUSIC from you, not shampoos, burgers, and perfumes.

Remember this list when you’re famous:
1. YOUR TRUE SELF (Family, friends, etc)