Don’t Be A DIVA

“I want thirty doves, three and a half lavender scented candles, two oiled down guys fanning me with palm leaves, the room temperature must be ten degrees celsius with four blankets in case I get cold and air conditioning in addition to a fan for when I get hot, the room must be sound proof, the lights can’t be higher than 120watts or they’ll melt my make-up.”

You’ve heard about celebrities who make diva demands whenever they perform somewhere. They want the best of the best of the best, and they don’t want to be treated as poorly as the rest. They know the organisers need them to be there, so they exploit that for all it’s worth.

True Musicians don’t need to do this stuff for media attention. They get their performance cheque, perform and go. Their talent is headline news, not what’s in their trailers.

Once a DIVA, always a DIVA. Don’t constantly throw a strop and then complain when people see you in a bitchy light. First impressions leave a lasting impression that could take years to wipe out, so don’t be surprised when a tantrum comes back to haunt you in years to come.