The Importance in Being a Good Role Model

Whether you like or not, you will be a role model. Some will look up to you and use you as inspiration for the choices they make in life. Before you do something questionable, think about those you influence. Telling the public that you aren’t a role model does not work. Parents, teachers, and other public figures will still blame you. I do not believe this is fair, but it happens.

If you prefer, think of yourself as a role model for your own children. This is easier when they are here, but if you are not a parent yet, you’ll have to use your imagination. Picture yourself finding naked pictures of your mother/father on the internet. Or maybe a sex tape. Or them consuming illegal drugs. If this makes you blush, angry or feel extremely disappointed, don’t let your offspring feel the same way in two decades time. Kids can be brutal, so don’t give them more ammunition.

No one expects you to be perfect. Some mistakes can be endearing to the public, but others will follow you for the rest of your career. Choose wisely, and always consider the long-term effects of each choice you make. Once something is public, it is public.