Under the Radar: Every black woman but Beyonce and Rihanna!

Michelle Obama was asked who she would swap places with. It could’ve been anyone else in the whole world. Maybe even people from the past or the Queen of England, Mother Theresa, and other women (or men) who have made massive contributions to society one way or another. Or maybe mentioned some impressionable people she’s met on her travels worldwide since her husband became president.

So, who did she choose?



The power of music, being able to play an instrument…It looks like musicians just have the most fun.”


If she was a ten year old girl looking at a poster on her bedroom wall, I wouldn’t mind this comment. Heck, I wanted to be Britney Spears when I was younger. But I was a child. At that age you dream of being famous, singing along to your favourite  tunes with a hairbrush. Even then, you’re still realistic. You’re a kid, but you’re not stupid. Just because Barbie (TM) can, doesn’t mean you get to be a princess, popstar, dancer, etc too.

So why has a well-educated, well-travelled, grown woman like Michelle Obama chosen a singer? One of the most powerful people in the world chose to be someone else just so she can have fun?


I did a quick search online and found this list of 7 forgotten black women who made a huge contribution to history. There must be more of all races and both genders who contributed so much more than having fun on stage. Let’s remember that the world has more to offer than Beyonce and Rihanna. There are so many wonderful people out there with more to offer than dancing, singing, and having fun. People, black people in particular, can admire more than singers and actors.

No offence to any singers, actors, dancers, etc. Let’s not pretend singing a song is like running the country.