Major American store: No ‘trashy’-haired black girls!

The animosity towards natural hair is common knowledge in the black community. Many fear that employers won’t hire them if they wear their natural hair, so they turn to relaxing, texturising, hair extensions, etc. Could employers be changing their minds? Was the ‘natural hair vs corporate America’ battle unfounded? We’ll see, but right now American Apparel wants natural hair only!

It’s not just straight hair that’s unwelcome. You’ll see whether you fit AA’s strict standards by clicking here.

Any discrimination is wrong! I wear my natural hair with pride, but I respect others and the hair they choose to wear. Your preferences should not affect your right to work somewhere. You should be chosen based on merit and talent. AA could easily find black girls who wear neat and tidy straight-hair instead of rainbow-coloured atrocities you see on places like MediaTakeOut (not that I go there, I’m just saying…). One step forward and one step back.