Stop shoving holidays down my throat!

Just in case you didn’t realise, it’s Valentines Day today.

This would explain the overload of red, chocolate, hearts, cupids, and other lovey dovey stuff. I’m single, so Sunday will just be Sunday. Instead of a romantic picnic under the stars, I’ll be reading a boring novel and preparing my dissertation. VERY exciting…Not.


They used to build up to Christmas from around November time. We’d start getting excited over Coca Cola adverts and decorations. After Xmas ended, we’d get a short break before Valentines, then a long break before Easter and the bunny invasion, and then months of nothing but normality. Eventually it’d be Christmas again.

But now…

They start pushing Xmas in August/Sept. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but they obviously reel people in or they wouldn’t do it. While it’s still hot and sunny, some are apparently thinking of cold winter nights playing in the snow. When Xmas goes, Valentines Day jumps in before you know it. Now the trees are gone, it’s hearts and lingerie instead. The moment Valentines passes- actually, I’ve seen some Easter eggs on the shelves- Easter bombards us with chocolate eggs, rabbits, and a few mentions of Jesus Christ, just for the sake of it.

Why’re they doing this to us?