You won’t change him. Trust me.

You know how some women get with a man they know is bad news. He has kids with half the community, relies on benefits instead of getting a job, wants his girlfriends to cook, clean and wipe his backside because he says so, and has no aspirations in life besides watching TV and surfing the internet.

He still attracts women…Why? Because there is always a stupid woman willing to believe that she will be different from the rest. She will change him.

Now these ignorance is spreading beyond relationships and into music.

Last year, Amerie fans went into a panic. Their favourite singer had signed with Def Jam, a record label known for projecting Rihanna into stardom at the expense of other artists. Amerie said things were control. The music was being released under her sub-division of the label, they had chosen the singles already and videos were on the horizon. This was a definite step-up from a few years ago when her album Because I Love It was not released at all in America.

Then it went downhill. Her TV promotion was few and far between, her digital release was messed up, she ended up funding the rest of the videos herself, and the album sales have been poor. Meanwhile Rihanna’s schedule continued on without a hitch, and she got a ‘buzz single’ video just for the sake of it.

Now this horrible process may happen all over again with an up and coming starlet Tiffany Evans. The ‘problem’…her manager is Matthew Knowles.

Matthew is known for launching Destiny’s Child and Beyonce into superstardom, but what about his other major success stories? Zilch. Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Sunshine Anderson, and others have been left on the wayside whilst Beyonce builds her empire. Last year, Kelly left Knowles’ management and her solo career went further in 12 months than it had in 7 years with Matthew. With him she’d get a few performances, but in 2009 she cameoed in a video, her vocals featured on two international hits, Be Gentle and When Love Takes Over, did many fashion spreads, and worked with the top producersĀ  and songwriters Matthew had never brought her.

Will Tiffany change him? What makes her think that Matthew will treat her like hisĀ  own daughters? After one flop, she can’t afford another one. For her career’s sake, I hope Matthew Knowles has changed.