Under the radar: Weekday renting

Do you need extra money for the new year? If so, read below…

Ever heard of weekday renting?

If you want some extra money to top up your savings, but still want/need your privacy on the weekends, weekday renting is for you. Instead of having tenants seven days a week, they only stay from Monday to Friday. With your permission, they may leave their possessions in your house over the weekend. You take a deposit, and may supply bedding, meals, etc.

Why would someone require  a room for just a week?

It would be ideal if we all lived on our workplace’s doorstep, but many people spend hours travelling to and fro each day for their job. Instead of sitting in traffic, they could spend the extra time doing work at home or enjoying more free time without the stressful rush hour. On Friday evening, they can return home and family.

I want to rent my spare room. Why not go for a few months or year-long tenancy?

Another Weekday Renting perk is that the person only stays for a few weeks, if that. If you realise that you dislike the idea of renting, it would be easy to endure it for another week or two than an entire year. Also, if you want to lounge about in your pyjamas, underwear or absolutely naked on the weekends then you still can!

How much should I charge?

Only you can determine that. Go online and search for what tenants are paying for rooms in your neighbourhood. Factor in the quality of houses and what they provide with the rent e.g. water, internet, gardening, etc. When you have found somewhere similar to yours, deduct the eight days rent you lose on the weekends and divide it by four. There is the price you should aim to charge for each week.

How do I organise this?

You could advertise on internet listings if you are prepared to do the leg work, but if you want an easier life then go through tenancy/landlord websites. Click here to see one that specialises in weekday renting- please note that I am not getting paid or asked to refer you there. I have never used their service, so I cannot review them. If you do use them, please leave a comment about them below.

I want to do this…Where do I start?

Shop around for the best and/or cheapest place to advertise your room. Get as many reviews as you can BEFORE you hand over any money. Now you need to give your property a makeover. It does have to be expensive. Remember that people usually treat others’ property worse than they treat their own, so there is no point in buying expensive, designer goods that may be misused or broken. Do not blow your budget!

When you have prepared your property to the best standard you possibly can, and gotten unbiased reviews/opinions from honest people such as myself, now is the time to take pictures. There is no need to take professional photographs- your tenants are not buying the place, just staying for a week or so- but please do if you can afford it. Take pictures on sunny days with good lighting, and prepare tidy, staged (bedcovers, desk area, etc, just to show how the property should be used) rooms.

Upload the pictures to the internet/website you are finding tenants through, and SELL the place! Mention positives like local transportation, utilities included in the rent, peaceful street, nearest sights/landmarks, and everything else that is great about your town. Also inform them about important information like any pets you have, the noise level you prefer, and other details they may have a problem with. BE HONEST or there may be feuds later on…