Matthew gained Tiffany, but lost Michelle

You know how Tiffany Evans just hired Beyonce’s dad as her manager? Well, she may be filling in for someone else because..Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame has left the Music World building!

FINALLY it happened!! I always thought she’d do it before Kelly, but at least it’s happened. She has to start her career from the bottom, almost like a newbie, but this is just the beginning. Her last album, Unexpected, was 9.5/10 for me, and it sucks that millions won’t ever hear it. There’s no point in putting effort into something that your supposed support doesn’t, you know, SUPPORT. Now she’ll go elsewhere and do something special.

You can see the difference in Kelly’s career. In just one year she’s done so much more than she ever did with Music World (Matthew Knowles management). Once Michelle’s successful stint on broadway ends- she’s in Chicago- her album should be ready for the number one slot on Billboard.

2010 is shaping up rather well for music.