Drop the dead weight!

Keyshia Cole recently announced that she has cut ties with her mother and sister.

When Keyshia was younger she moved in with her foster mother, but met up with her biological mother further down the line. Along Keyshia’s journey to r’n’b success, her biological family hopped on the gravy train and rode with her whether she liked it or not.

Now Keyshia is expecting a boy with her fiance this year, enough is enough. She has dropped the dead weight, her mother and sister, and moved on with her new family.


Don’t get me wrong. You should help others, especially family, but you must know when to drop the dead weight! When you help someone, you should step away over time, not baby them even more. NO ONE should use you and the dedication you’ve put into succeeding. No one, not even your family. If they really love you, they’ll understand.