Britain is free from recession…Yeah, right!

The British Government expects us to believe that we are now free from the recession. Once again, those in power treat us like we’re fools. After job losses, fear of spending, bankruptcies, debt management plans, houses sold for MUCH less than they’re worth, and young people unable to get on the housing market, the recession ended at 9:30am yesterday. Just like it! Isn’t it amazing? A year spiralling downhill ended in one second.

Of course this is just an excuse to get us to spend more money. Of course most Britons aren’t stupid enough to go out and actually do that. After years of being carefree, we’ve learnt our lessons now. It’s sad that small/medium businesses will suffer or shut down, but it’s every man for himself. Unlike the Government, we cannot just print off more money. We have to earn it all day! Then someone comes in and swipes off 40% for tax purposes, and then taxes us every time we buy anything.

Free from the recession? Yeah, Gordon Brown, whatever you say…