Are black people an easy target?

After the horrific tragedy in Haiti, where 100,000 at least may have died, a fool emerges on American screens. Pat Robertson claims that the Haitian Revolution, which helped end slavery, was supported by….Satan. Yes, the man downstairs.

Of course those weak, useless negroes could not free themselves. Of course those worthless scum had to seek aid from the Devil, because they were so stupid that they could not fight for their freedom alone. Duh!

Why accuse the slaves of working with the Devil? Why not accuse the slave masters putting black people through hell for 400 years? Tearing them away from loved ones, packing them on ships for months on end, selling them when they reach land, and then they’re raped, hanged, whipped, and sold again and again for centuries. That doesn’t sound very Christian like. That sounds like the Devil to me.

Pat, sit down.

Let’s see how far this story travels. When Muslims were insulted by the Muhammad bomb cartoon, they got apologies from around the world. Jews are rich and powerful in this world, so they get more respect and memorials for the dead than anyone else. Black people get nothing but more and more abuse. If you complain, you’re playing the ‘race card’. When do we stand up and say, “Enough is enough, damn it!” We never do. The excuse is always, “There’s bigger fish to fry” but when the ‘bigger fish comes along, the excuse rolls round again.

Pat? Yeah, sit down, you old fool. You don’t want those Devil worshippers to use voodoo dolls and witchcraft to get your backside…

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