What do you hate about Beyonce?

You know how ‘stans’ love their favourite celebrity without fail. Their icon can do no wrong, and even suggesting that they have is blasphemy. Your head will get bitten off and chewed until there’s nothing left…unless you apologise, of course, but do it quickly.

Anyway, by now you know that Beyonce is one of my favourite singers- alongside Britney and Lady Gaga- but as a fan, I know she can do wrong.

What do I hate about Beyonce? Her songwriting.

One day I hope to be a successful author, but getting into the publishing industry is HARD. Even when do you get in, 95% of writers will never earn anywhere near the likes of Stephen King, Danielle Steele or J. K. Rowling. Writing is tough, and earning a living from it is even harder. This is why it hurts to see Beyonce add two words to a song and claim songwriting royalites. I can’t imagine sharing my book’s profits when I wrote 89,000 words and someone else contributed 1,000. Every year or so Beyonce is getting sued because of this, and it is VERY disappointing because this will tarnish her legacy. Singing? Excellent. Dancing? Great. Acting? She tries. Songwriting? Stop.

What do you hate about your favourite celebrity?