The Illuminati’s Plan…

On a forum about the Illuminati, there were discussions about the chosen ones in the industry and how the Illuminati want to divide us all. This plan is starting to show itself.

There was discussion about the MTV Video Music Awards 2009, and how Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift were the only ones in red while everyone else wore black. Apparently this set them apart as the chosen ones. Now you can look at the Grammy list and see which three women came out on top four months later. Yes, you guessed it.

EDIT: Now the music elite decide who will succeed and who will fail: Chris Brown is another ‘victim’.

There has also been talk of the Illuminati’s plan to divide and conquer us. This is starting show too. In the UK, banks have won the legal battle to keep overcharging customers, even though it sends them spiralling into debt. This fight has kept those who do not want monthly charges and those suffering after going overdrawn by as little as two pence/four cents apart. Now the media seems to be in love with race. A white woman winning a pageant in a black neighbourhood sparked outcry. Why? Because the runners-up were angry about not winning…Since when is it racist for the losers to be unhappy about losing?

This Illuminati thing sounded quite silly at first, but now it sounds plausible.

Is this the beginning of the end?

Are we being paranoid, or not paranoid enough?

What is really going on?