Protect the victim or the criminal?

In the UK recently a husband and his brother were jailed because they chased down burglars and beat them with cricket bats. The judge said the pair were courageous  but still gave them 30 months behind bars.

The general consensus seems to be that the judge is an idiot and the law is a fool. This was the burglar’s fiftieth offence,yet he received no sentence because he was attacked by his own victims.

Judging by this case, the victims are not supposed to fight back when their family is tied up, made to crawl around like animals, forced to see their hard earned possessions being taken away, and told they will be murdered if they retaliate.

We NEED to take the law into our own hands because the authorities don’t care. Depending on where you live, the police will arrive hours or even a day later- my mother called the police last Friday, and they have yet to arrive this Wednesday evening. Then the courts give them a soft sentence, which the criminal serves barely half of, all down to ‘good behaviour’ and time already served. When they come out, it takes close to hundred offences before the courts decide to send them to jail. Yet, try avoid paying taxes, claiming more benefits then you are entitled to, or keeping money offshore and you will be carted off to a jail before you know it!

Money and property is protected, people are disposable.

Summary: The criminal is back on the streets, the victims spend at least a year in jail, the judge returns to his fancy, safe neighbourhood, and the law is still a complete mess.

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