LeToya Luckett needs our help

Moving on from one former Destiny’s Child member to another…LeToya Luckett.

In case you were unaware, LeToya has not received the best treatment from her record label. First they went against her preferred first single, leading to a lukewarm reception to the song they did choose. Second, they did not support her second single which was voted for by the fans. Third, they gave financial backing to her third single when it was dying on the radio, even though the fans and LeToya managed to get the song to No1 on radio playlists.

The song, Regret featuring Ludacris is now dying…but the fight for REAL music lives on.

Now we are pushing for Good 2 Me to be released. I LOVE Letoya’s Lady Love album, and many others do too. Let’s give the world a chance to hear more of such a talent before her third record is released next year.

PLEASE support the petitions! We need all the support we can get. We’re tired of her label only supporting the Pop acts whilst the ‘Urban’, r’n’b and hip hop artists are left to flop.
Thank you!