If you fall in love with an obese man, you’re a chubby chaser.
If you fall in love with someone from another race, it’s jungle fever.
If you fall in love with an rich person, you’re a gold digger.
If you fall in love with a younger person, you’re Stella trying to get your groove back.


Because you went against the norm.

Whenever people fall in love with those whom society looks down on, the majority refuse to call it ‘love’. The majority says you can’t love someone fat, so anyone who goes against this has a fetish. Society says white women are the most desired, so white men wanting black women only want to fulfil their jungle fetish. The majority says old people can’t be attractive, so their young partners only want them for the inheritance. Society expects you love someone your own age, so dating a younger person means you’re clinging onto your youth for dear life.

Love someone ‘normal’ = LOVE
Love someone ‘different’ = FETISH

Instead of labelling love, why can’t people just mind their own business?