Chris Brown is blackballed…Does he deserve it?

I’m quite torn, actually…

I’m not a fan of Rihanna. She can’t sing, dance or exude any presence on stage. CB can dance and keep the crowd pumped, but his voice isn’t spectacular either. With regards to the situation in Feb, he was wrong. Men AND women shouldn’t put their hands on anyone. I wasn’t satisfied with his punishment, or the way he handled himself since Feb e.g. Oops chains, jet skiing whilst his girlfriends stays indoors like she had something to be ashamed of, and twittering his community service pictures.

Does he deserve what might be happening right now?

Stores ordering a small amount of his CDs and not restocking when they run low/sell out. Not putting his record with other new releases. An almost record breaking amount of negative reviews. Meanwhile, Rihanna has the best critical acclaim of the year. Every reviewer literally kissing ass through their reviews, acting like her album is the second coming.

Does he deserve what might be happening right now?

I’d say…yes, he does. People, including myself, believe that he should’ve stepped out of the limelight and focused on getting his head on straight. Instead he posted personal songs to Rihanna, photos of him flashing his abs with friends, and more stupidity for the world to see. In interviews he had puppy dog eyes and a ‘cute’ bowtie, but everywhere else you’d never guess that Feb had happened. He didn’t take the punishment set by the courts seriously, so maybe he can laugh about this too…