Celebrity rumours: true or false?

Recently there was a rumour about Beyonce’s father cheating on her mother, and getting the other woman pregnant. At first this sounded ridiculous- he Knowles exude the ‘perfect family’ image. Then the public became suspicious…Matthew usually shoots down rumours ASAP e.g. when a talk show claimed that Beyonce could not really sing, and provided a distorted tape as proof. This time…Silence.

The rumour faded away, until now. Tina Knowles are filed for divorce.

Now the rumours appear to be true. Did they separate years ago as insiders had claimed? Is that why Tina was seen without her wedding rings? Did Matthew get another woman pregnant?

It makes you wonder about rumours you hear. When they sound unbelievable people tend to laugh them off, especially when they are about your favourite stars. Now we will remember that where there is smoke, there is fire.

PS. Remember that three victims are involved in this, no matter whether one is still a foetus, a second is a mother, and the third a wife. It will hurt.