Beware of Twitter!

Last month Tiffany Evans commented on Rihanna’s single Russian Roulette, and highlighted the dark side of the industry, and how it influences the public in a bad way. Recently Rihanna retaliated, and soon Tila Tequila (porn star, reality TV star, and…?) was another target for the Bajan ‘singer’. Tiffany has said that she did not mean to offend Rihanna, before reminding everyone that Miss Evans can ‘SANG’.

This is another reminder that you should BEWARE OF TWITTER! Before you submit whatever you’ve said, THINK. Only having 140words means you can’t properly explain yourself, and then look what happens. Tiffany is getting bashed for low sales that were not even her fault. She was not promoted HALF as much as Rihanna or singers with a voice as AMAZING as Tiffany’s. Rihanna looks unprofessional for responding to a Twitter comment, because the likes of Beyonce and Britney would not have responded. Tila Tequila also embarrasses herself by admitting that she has HERSELF on Google Alert (GA is when you add a name and get alerted whenever new stories arise. I used to have it for my favourite actresses, so I’m surprised someone does it for herself…).