Avatar: Reverse racism?

I looked through some reviews of the blockbuster Avatar. It’s about the ‘civilised’ invading the ‘savage’ to take control of their valuable renewable resources. I went straight for the negative reviews and noticed a common theme.

Every person commented that the film is racist towards white people. It is said that the invades represent Caucasians while the natives are Native American/African.

I don’t get it…

There are countless movies where white people march in and save the day, whether the needy are an uninspired gang in the ghetto or natives faraway from our society. There was no complaint that non-whites were always the weak and defenceless ones. There was no complaint that white people were always the hero, even though slavery and colonialism says otherwise. Now we see the bad side of white history, it’s racist?

If you take the good then you must take the bad. If you want to talk about how your ancestors helped to end horrible practices like the transatlantic slave trade, you must discuss how they started it in the first place. Don’t get defensive when the dark side of your ancestry shows itself.

Reverse racism? It doesn’t exist. If it was anything, it’d be racism, period. There’s no need for the ‘reverse’.

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