RIHANNA influences fashion: EDGY=NAKED

‘Hater’ and ‘Gay’ are still popular with the masses, but lately a new word has popped up…Edgy.

Now everything that goes against the norm is edgy. Wearing black, going naked and darker music is now ‘edgy’, all thanks to Rihanna and the massive team behind her. For years rockers and other artists have donned dark clothing and music, yet when Rihanna does it it’s suddenly completely unique and ‘edgy’.

Besides wearing horns, to stir Tiffany Evans’ accusations of the devilish side of the music industry, Rihanna is doing nothing we haven’t seen before. However, this is new for her.

Most of the album photoshoot features Rihanna topless…Why? Is being naked edgy? Apparently, which is why Rihanna allegedly admitted that she walks around her house in the nude. All of this in an attempt to make her ‘edgy’. I understand that we need mature, but why does maturing always have to involve stripping off?

I just don’t get it…What was the point in removing Rihanna’s nude photos if she meant to feature topless pictures months later? Plus, I remember her saying that her mother would kill her if she ever went nude…We’ll see soon enough.

18+ only. Rihanna album booklet pictures