Mind your own business!

Why can’t people mind their own business?!

Last month Beyonce had to postpone her concert in Malaysia, AGAIN, because of protests about her skimpy clothes and routines. Instead of not attending the concert, a group of people decided to make the decision for others that she shouldn’t perform.

Then there were rumours that Usher is gay. Instead of just buying his record and enjoying the music, a few felt the need to spread rumours about a talented young artist.

Speaking of music, Monica gets bashed from time to time because she’s not married to her children’s father. Instead of accepting that they won’t ever get married or will tie the knot when they see fit, people butt in and start lecturing on wedlock.

Even the average person is hassled by the nosy crowd. A mother can’t breastfeed her hungry baby without someone feeling embarrassed enough to ask her to put it away or leave. Instead of turning the other cheek, or accepting the natural act of feeding, they try and stop a hungry child from being fed.

The nosiness is even on an international scale. People love scolding countries like China over their leadership, and telling them how they should live. Instead of focusing on their own country and the constant cover-ups, they’re too busy looking elsewhere.

Why do people have ruin life for the rest of us?