Menopause Mummy

Why can’t women have a child at 50yrs old? Or 60yrs old? Or 70yrs old?

Whenever a 45+yr old celebrity mother gives birth, they get pounced on. People call them selfish and/or say they’re defying nature, even if they conceived the child naturally. Instead of focusing on younger parents (12-30) who don’t care for their children, older mothers are attacked for their choice.

Does it really matter how old a mother is if she cares for her baby? Why is her being retired an issue?

Then you look at fathers who keep producing wrinkly sperm into their 80s. People take a quick look at their young wives, and all is well. Just because men don’t go through menopause, they get a pass. They can have children until they die, but the women must stop when they get a few grey hairs.

Is this fair?