Treasure Every Moment

I was thinking about the missing plane flying from Brazil to France. In case you don’t know, it disappeared from the radar screens after reporting electrical problems. Planes and crew have so many back up procedures in place to protect us, so the problems must have been pretty serious.

Treasure every moment, and never assume that tomorrow is coming.

We tend to become complacent.

Like when you get in a car and start driving. You may end up crashing, but the thought never crosses your mind because as far as you’re concerned, you’ll be fine.

Like when you get on a train and find a seat. The train may get blown up by terrorists, but the thought never crosses your mind because as far you’re concerned, you’ll be fine.

Like when those passengers and crew boarded the plane for the last time that they’d ever be on ground. They were probably thinking about going back to their stressful jobs, the kids were excited about seeing their school friends again, and for the crew it was just another day in their normal routines.

But they probably won’t be fine.

People are usually grateful for surviving another day when they’ve done something daring like rock climbing, parachuting, and being part of space missions, that they forget about the ‘safe’ things like riding a bike, crossing the road, swimming in a pool, and boarding a plane.

Basically, always be thankful. I don’t care whether you thank God, the person who held your life in their hands, or fate, but be thankful because I’m lucky to be here writing this and you’re lucky to be here reading it.

PS. Condolences to every victim, their family, and friends.

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  1. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    So very Sad. God Bless to all the families affected in this sudden loss of life. It is true-we must be grateful always for the life we have.

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