Pt 2: Can’t date black women because…

We can find so many negative sides to everyone if that’s all we look for.

If you’re a black man who doesn’t want to date black women and wants to tell us why, please don’t for the following reasons:

1. No one asked.

2. A preference is a preference, so why explain it?

We all have our preference. Many women want a tall man, some men want a woman with big breasts, some Jews want a Jewish partner, some Australians want to marry a fellow Australian, and the list could go on forever. If we explained every preference we have, we’d be here forever, so why bother?

3. It’s just stereotype.

If I said that black men carry guns and knives, wouldn’t you be offended? Of course! Yes some black people do carry weapons, but why label us all just for the sake of it? Have you considered that maybe your criticism applies only to women in YOUR neighbourhood? Maybe the ‘unattractive’, undesirables are the ones you attract because you share more in common with them then you’d like admit.

4. Nike was right when they said, ‘Just do it’.

Just do it. You want a white girlfriend…do it! You want a biracial girlfriend..get one! You want an Asian partner…go ahead! Black women will not suffer if you choose not to date them, so go ahead and do what you want to do. Any black women who are upset by your preference will get over it time.

5. Why further divide our community?

Black people are so divided by hair, skin tone, size, etc so you really feel the need to divide the sexes too? Only a troublemaker would insult an entire race of women the way you are. You may argue that it is only constructive criticism, but then why haven’t you given constructive criticism to black/white/Asian/biracial men and white/biracial/Asian women?

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