Pt 2: Any good music videos?

The era of videos like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Tina Turner’s Simply The Best, and Diana Ross’s Chain Reaction are long gone. Instead we’re stuck with videos that may you think, “Haven’t I seen this before?” Yes, you probably have.

Beyonce is not the only performer hurting music videos’ reputation.

Watch Amerie’s One Thing and then Gotta Work. Not only are the songs similar but the videos too. One Thing was her biggest hit, but is that an excuse to reproduce it entirely? Use the same producer or songwriter, but the music and video too? So far for her, lightning has not struck twice.

These days artists just cannot produce a great song AND video. They achieve one, but not the other. A prime example of this is Ciara and her flop single Go Girl. I personally wasn’t impressed by the video, but it did try something brand new. People raved about it…but those same people did not buy the song because it was terrible. Another case is Rihanna and her single Rehab with Justin Timberlake. The song is great, but instead of going with a touching video to show some versatility, it centres around Rihanna posing with a man- how original is that?

Anyway, this is my view…What’s yours?