Pt 1: Is music dead?

In April 2008 Pirate Bay, a major illegal downloading website, was shut down and the owners were jailed for one year. The music industry see it as a great victory against the dwindling record sales.

I don’t.

Personally I’d rather see child pornography, pro-eating disorder, and other sites of twisted nature get shut down, not places hosting Britney’s latest track. Like it said in my local paper, people have been sharing cassette tapes and CDs for years, so what’s the problem now? Also, record companies leak tracks when they want feedback, but then cry when music leaks behind their backs? Pur-lease.

If record labels want to know why artists were celebrating Diamond status a decade ago, but platinum today…read below:

Past: Mariah Carey circa 1990. Whitney Houston. Christina Aguilera.
Present: Rihanna. Ciara. Cassie.

Do I need to say anymore? Okay, I will.

Yes, I do still enjoy music from today. I understand that sometimes you just want to DANCE, SING, and PARTY…but what about the days when you played a song and were blown away? Record labels seem to have ditched talent that doesn’t need heavy beats, hot music, a rapper, and loads of backing vocals sung by people from behind the scenes. Nowadays the labels prefer singers that can barely hold a tune, through no fault of their own, instead of singers whose voices are out of this world. The people on top should be the very best in their field, not people who can barely outdo the average Joe singing in his shower every morning. The fantastic talent is out there, e.g. Karina Pasian and Tiffany Evans, but then they don’t get promoted…

Many of the artists these days are just puppets, and the labels are puppeteers. You can see who the puppets are by looking at how they were when they first started and how they are now. Of course people change over the years, but some of the changes are so drastic and so quick that the fakeness stinks. In my opinion, the only artist who seems to change so often that it’s natural is Madonna, but others it’s so fake. How can a singer go from the innocent, virginal angel to a horny, stripper on the next album? That’s an exaggeration but it shows what I mean.

The new artists just seem to be models of previous ones. I am fed up with hearing, “Check out _____, the next Britney!” or “Look out for ______, a younger Michael Jackson!” First, why do we need to ‘replace’ artists who are still around? Second, by putting these artists in the shadow of major singers, you’re setting the bar too high too early. Why can’t your latest discovery just be themself?

Short shelf life.
The charts are full of singers known for something besides singing e.g. Rihanna for the people who dress her well, Ciara for her dancing, and Lady Gaga for her quirky fashion sense. When their ‘hook’ looses its grip, why are labels surprised when the sales drop and people move on? There’s only so long that fashion, controversy, nude photos, etc can distract us from the lack of talent out there. The public generally don’t buy CDs for the singer’s good looks, fashion sense or ‘sob stories’ about their dead grand-father or bullies from ten years ago, they want a voice, and not just any voice.

The Chosen ones.
Radio and record labels seem to choose who they’ll promote (nowadays promote equals overexposure until we’re sick of seeing the artist). Meanwhile, the other artists on their roster are ignored, underpromoted, which leads to them flopping, and then they get dropped like the poor sales were their fault. How can you expect people to sell millions if no one knows that the album/single/artist exists? Why do certain singers get multiple magazine covers, interviews, concerts, re-re-re-releases, perfume and fashion lines, etc, meanwhile others get to make Youtube videos on their cheap videocameras?

What do you think? Is music thriving or dying?

3 thoughts on “Pt 1: Is music dead?

  1. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    Lack of originality. Hear songs nowaday about the same thing over and over and over.

    poor marketing of the artists who have real talent which causes them low album sales and then they eventually fade away,

    The whole ‘sex sells’ thing. Just picking an artist who has mediocre vocals knowing they would never sell out @ concerts bc they sound horrible live.

  2. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    I know you know that you are sooooo on the money right now! I went back to point some things out that stood out to me the most but… it was the whole the thing.

  3. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    Cosign all of the above, especially the ‘poor marketing of real talent’ part. That makes me sooooo mad!

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