Pt 1: Can’t date black women because…

BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. Do not tell me because I do not care.

On the internet, Youtube in particular, some black men feel the need to explain why they cannot date or marry black women. They usually list one or more of the following reasons:

~Black women are obese.
Being ‘thick’ seems to be more accepted in the black community, but obesity is increasing across the world, and no race is immune to it. Why pretend that black women are the only ones with weight issues? I’m a member of a weight loss site, and most of the women I’ve seen there are white. There are quite a few men there too, so why pretend that black women are the main ones with a problem?

~Black women are loud.
If these men met a few loud women, why did these few women reflect back on an entire community? White, Asian, and biracial women shout, scream, and cuss too. Most of the black women I’ve met in my life know how to stand up for themselves, and that’s a good thing, so why are strong/aggressive women always put in a negative light? Not all of us want to be dainty flowers waiting for a man to pick us.

~Black women want bad boys.

It is sad when lovely guys are overlooked for ‘bad boys’ with kids they barely see, frequent trips to jail, and no employment. However, these men can’t expect us to believe that they asked every black girl they could find before striking us all off their list. If one ignorant girl wants a boy who will treat her like dirt, keep it moving until you find a smart, mature woman.

~Black women are ‘ghetto’.
None of the black women I know are ‘ghetto’ so I can only assume that these ‘ghetto’ women come from a ‘ghetto’ area, which happens to be where you reside. If they aren’t good enough for you, move.

~Black women have ‘nappy’/bad/natural hair.
Being a black man, the odds of you having ‘nappy’/bad/natural hair on your own head are pretty high. If you love straighter/curlier hair then why don’t you relax/press your hair? How can you complain about what is growing out of someone’s head when you’ve got the same thing coming out of yours? Women change so much to attract a man (make-up, clothes, etc) so can’t we at least have our hair the way we want it to be?

~Some black women have dark skin.
And some black men have dark skin as well. Basically this is a racist statement to make, and so is ‘You’re pretty…for a dark chick’, which is supposed to be a compliment.

In part two, I will tell these men why they don’t have to give these reasons.

4 thoughts on “Pt 1: Can’t date black women because…

  1. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    The black men that don’t want black women are too weak to handle a black woman. They want somebody that they can lie to and dog out and she just accepts it. As for the ones that have a problem with our hair and skin color, they hate themselves and are trying to escape themselves so that doesn’t have anything to do with us. I agree that every race has obese people, duh… that’s just a dumb azz reason. It’s not just black women that chase bad boyz, white women love them. So basically I totally agree with you that if that’s your preference, just do you… but the explanations that they are giving reveal that their hate of the black woman has nothing to do with the black woman, it simply reveals their ignorance and self-esteem issues.

    steps down off soap box* whew!

  2. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    Hi there!

    I don’t know why black women even LISTEN to those videos… why do they even bother to post comments at blogs that have that type of dialogue…

    I think that we need to spend LESS time trying to refute the negative comments made by black men about ALL black women and analyze why it matters at all what they think or say about black women.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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