Pt 1: Any good music videos?

When I was younger, my sister and I would love to watch music videos. I remember Tupac’s Changes and TLC’S No Scrubs on constant rotation, and we never got bored watching it. I found TLC’ s video recently on Youtube, and the song and accompanying video were still fresh.

Fast forward ten years, and music videos have all been seen before. Now artists use the same old concepts from yesteryear (or yesterday) to try and impress us. I see a video now and don’t desire to ever see it again. Instead of originality we get posers with as many naked women as possible.

I’ll use Beyonce as an example because she’s my favourite singer, and I’ve seen all of her videos.

I think that the videos for her Dangerously In Love album were superb. Each one of them (Crazy In Love, Baby Boy, Naughty Girl and Me, Myself and I) all stand out in my mind, and I could see them over and over again. They are all different from each other, show different sides of Beyonce, e.g. Baby Boy is hot and wet meanwhile MM & I is serious and touching, and they were all high quality.

I think that it went downhill after the DIL era. I do like the Deja Vu video, but it had to grow on me. It’s a great example of today’s videos that just focus on looks instead of substance. Ring The Alarm ‘s video shows the low budget put into what used to mini-movies. Irreplaceable is a complete bore-fest, an ancient storyline involving a woman kicking her boyfriend out.

Single Ladies. I did not like it at first, but it grew on me and now I love it. SL shows the great rewards of taking risks, instead of following the same old, far too tired methods. She started a craze that spread worldwide and took the internet by storm! Who hasn’t tried the routine at some point? I know that the video was ‘inspired’ by Fosse, but at least she modernised it, bringing Fosse to a new generation. Even If I Were A Boy feels fresh. The song’s concept has been done before, but twist in the video balances that out.

Then Beyonce slipped.

The videos for Diva, Halo, Broken Hearted Girl, and Ego have brought her high standard back down to everyone else’s. I know that videos don’t have to completely follow the lyrics, but Diva is just a quirky fashion show. Halo and BHG are just Beyonce rolling around with a guy, and Ego is SL, the lifeless version that we were never meant to see.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Pt 1: Any good music videos?

  1. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    Girl!!!! I agree 100% with you the state of black music is critical right now and those who try to revive it can’t catch a break 🙁

  2. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    If any of her videos should be nominated (outside of “Single Ladies”) then it needs to be “If I Were A Boy” (minus the horrid acting parts). I absolutely LOVED that video. The song and the visuals told the story instead of her singing the story to us. Love that song and the vid.

    Music videos in general have fallen off.

    I tried to do the routine to Single Ladies…almost fell and broke my hip LOL

    That vid is worthy of winning an award if not many because it is highly infectious sonically but also just SEEING the vid makes you want to get up and dance.

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