No homo? Are you sure?

I LOVE reading entertainment blogs. I want to see what Beyonce is wearing. I want to hear Jennifer Lopez’s leaked tracks. I want to read about “beef” between rap artists. I enjoy the Comments sections even more because I like seeing other people’s views.

Then it started to crop up in the Comments sections, time and time again.

Just when ‘HATER’ started to die, ‘HOMO’ came to life. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a few examples.

“Rihanna’s got nice breasts, no homo!”
“Serena Williams has a great ass, no homo!”
“Halle’s a gorgeous woman, no homo!”


Why would a person who is secure with themselves have to publically declare that they’re not a homosexual? Why is it that a man can’t compliment another guy without being gay? Why can’t women see the beauty in each other without being a lesbian? And what if people viewing your comment/post did assume that you’re gay, would that be a bad thing? Unless you’re into internet dating, why would it matter if some random people on the internet think that they don’t a chance because they’ve got a penis/vagina?

Come on, people. Let NO HOMO die….please?

2 thoughts on “No homo? Are you sure?

  1. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    i agree. it started with camron and it just wont go away. there is nothing wrong with complimenting someone of the same sex if you know you are not attracted to them like that.

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