Why are black women so angry?

We’re not. Some of us are, but not all, especially not myself.

We know about this stereotype that black women are fat, angry and darn loud…are you? Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, but why are we all tarnished with the same image?

Being a black person can be hard for many reasons, but the one that I’ll focus on today is whenever one black person does something we all go down with him/her. For example, an overweight, black woman might squeeze herself into the ugliest outfit on earth and strut off down the street. I bet there’ll always be someone who says something like, “She’s an embarrassment to black community.” But why? Why can’t she just shame herself, and maybe even her family and friends?

Then there’s gun and knife crime, that’s getting worse and worse. A black teenage boy somewhere goes around carrying a knife, so then every black teenager is suddenly a suspect?

To make matters worse, we seem to be the only race who’s ‘lucky’ enough to have a representative for us all. I don’t remember voting for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to speak on my behalf…when was that poll taken?

My point is, if a black woman is rude to you….a black woman is rude to you. She may be a rude, stuck up cow, but remember that’s just HER, not ME.

Actually, now I am feeling a bit angry….

2 thoughts on “Why are black women so angry?

  1. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:
    SO-MEAN said,”No I am not loud nor angry…and yes it gets quite annoying when people make assumptions. And even moreso b/c I’m not a smiley person…so I get asked a lot what’s wrong…grrr!

    And I missed the Jesse/Al poll too..cause those cats do not stand for me.”

  2. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:
    I’m not a ‘smiley’ person myself, so yeah that makes things even worse. Just because you don’t smile, doesn’t mean you’re upset, miserable, got a bad attitude, etc.

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