Wanna be famous?

Someone asked me whether I could handle being a celebrity. I thought about it.

My thoughts:

The money would be nice.

Free stuff e.g. expensive clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc.

Get to meet your favourite celebrities, and possibly become friends.

More likely to meet your idols e.g. Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, etc.

Help millions through your job e.g. sing a song that inspires people through tough times.

There was a video of Britney surrounded by the press, and it was really scary to watch- no wonder she’s seen crying from time to time.

Privacy would be gone. It’d be so creepy going out without knowing that someone taking photos of you.

Ridicule. I’d hate having people waiting to tear me apart.

False friends and hanger ons would come out of the woodwork

Overall, for financial security (it’d be nice for close family and friends to not worry about paying their bills), free stuff, and meeting people who will go down in history for doing something important, instead of sex tapes, fashion and other trivial things, I’d be famous.

Wanna be famous with me?

2 thoughts on “Wanna be famous?

  1. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    i sure do, i just wouldnt be in the limelight everyday like some of these stars. im tired of looking @ rhianna with that birds nest/mohawk on top of her head everyday. i am.

  2. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    I guess some of them can’t help it if paparazzi are hiding in bushes or flying over their houses in helicopters.

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