The tide turns and raw talent returns

Ciara debuted at No.3, selling approx 81,000 copies.
Chrisette Michele debuted at No.1, selling approx 83,000 copies.

Since Ciara came on to the scene five years ago, people have been less than impressed with her vocals. On other hand, Chrisette’s voice is admired by many, and her raw talent is clear. The ‘mainstream’, more marketable Ciara has had ample promotion (not on Beyonce’s scale, but quite a bit), but after two ‘buzz’ singles and a single with the highly in demand Justin Timberlake, her album sales are still….well…

What happened?

Three years ago, things were on the up. Ciara’s sophmore effort, Evolution, opened with approx 300,000 sold in the first week, which was over double her debut album’s first week sales. Her first single, Promise, was doing big things worldwide, her songs were featured on movie soundtracks, and there seemed to be a (rumoured) blossoming relationship with 50 Cent.

What happened?

The same thing that happened to Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Mya, and many more singers who lack the vocal talent to make them stand out from the average Joe’s voice. Please don’t think that I’m bashing any of these artists or Ciara, because I’m a fan of or like them all. However, even I can’t pretend that they could go head to head with the likes of Beyonce or Christina Aguilera.

For goodness sake, what happened?

Eventually the public gets tired of the celebrity’s image and starts looking for something deeper. Suddenly people don’t talk about fashion lines, ‘cute’ couples, hot beats, sexy dance moves, controversial music videos, or anything else but the vocals that aren’t there. Then the CD sales disappear, and another young person finds themself back in the real world.

But who knows…the public is fickle, so if Ciara revamps her image (and maybe goes back to her dance roots instead of the usual ‘Look, I’m sexy!’) there could be room for her at the top.

One thought on “The tide turns and raw talent returns

  1. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    I don’t know we’ll ever get back to ‘true’ talent days. I grew up with the Whitney Houstons and Mariahs, but my daughter has Cassies and Rihannas. What a difference!


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