Review: Ciara’s Fantasy Ride

When I pressed play, I didn’t expect much. Most of the songs had leaked almost a year before, and I’d hated what I heard. What a surprise…..

The only songs that I dislike are: Ciara To The Stage, Like A Surgeon, Lover’s Thing, and G Is For Girl. Ciara To The Stage was a pretty boring opening song, so I cut it off. Like A Surgeon seems to be pretty popular, but it did absolutely nothing for me. Ciara is really trying to sing on Lover’s Thing, but this song also let the ride lose steam. G Is For Girl reminded me too much of Beyonce’s Diva, but a version that just falls flat.

Overall, the album is great! My personal favourites are Turntables and Keep On Dancing, which reminds me of the 80s. KOD is nice and mellow, and I can imagine driving at night with that song flowing from the speakers. Ciara’s voice is not up there with the greatest singers of all time, but I can respect her for pushing her voice further than where it used to be. However, I feel that she will always be known for the Dance music, and if this album flops (predicted to sell 80,000 max, and the last album, Evolution, sold 300,000+) then she should return to her Dance music roots.