Pt2: Would a dark-skinned Rihanna be successful?

Rihanna, Halle Berry, Beyonce, Eva the Diva, etc….would they be as famous if they had darker skin?

I’m not saying that light-skinned black stars should ALWAYS be pushed aside just for a darker skinned woman because sometimes the light-skinned woman may be more talented. In my opinion, Beyonce is such a great triple threat: she can sing circles around many stars today, bring the latest dance crazes to the general public, and her acting is…improving. Her being famous isn’t a surprise, and she more than deserves it. However, Kelly Rowland is also a triple threat. She can sing (admittedly, she still needs to perfect her live performances), she danced just as well as Beyonce did while in Destiny’s Child, and she has starred in films herself.

But Beyonce Knowles is bigger, MUCH BIGGER, yet their beginnings have been so similar. They both entered showbusiness barely in their teens, both got through the controversial separation from LeToya and Latavia, both stuck it out to the end of Destiny’s Child, both starred in films, both went platinum with their first albums, and are both international stars.

But now Beyonce Knowles is BEYONCE, and Kelly is still trying to find out who Ms Rowland is. Kelly has mentioned how she wanted to be lighter like Beyonce when they were younger. Many dark-skinned black girls have looked at a lighter friend, wishing that they could be ‘prettier’. A barely relevant rapper declares that he doesn’t want ‘dark butts’. Then the infamous ‘light skin blacks’ party, which sank like a rock. Why are light-skinned black women put on a pedestal?

The light/dark debate is just another division in the black community, and, as usual, both sides suffer. Dark-skinned women suffer from low self esteem and end up resenting lighter women. Then light-skinned women have everything they’ve worked hard for put down to their ‘beauty’, or their boyfriend is said to love them ‘because she’s got light skin and good hair’. Both sides end up feeling unwanted and unhappy, which only increases the frustration and hostility.