Pt1: Would a dark-skinned Rihanna be successful?

Rihanna, Halle Berry, Beyonce, Eva the Diva, etc….would they be as famous if they had darker skin?

People often refer back to the slave trade era when light-skinned black people were ‘treated better’ than their dark counterparts. Some light-skinned people even tried to pass as white people completely. The division has travelled down from our ancestors to us today. The Gabrielle Unions, Jazmine Sullivans, and Jennifer Hudsons of the world may get some coverage, but not to the same scale as the Rihannas.

On a television programme Nia Long spoke about the pay differences between black and white actresses, and it is clear why. Very rarely does a black actress get the starring role in a film, or even a supporting one, and when she does the black actress is usually biracial (like Halle Berry) or has the money to fund the project herself (Beyonce). Of course a dark-skinned black woman cannot pass as a biracial woman, and most of Hollywood refuses to pay her on par with her white peers, so she is almost doomed before her career has the chance to take off. She has to stick with minor roles in minor films and watch white, biracial, and light-skinned black women snatch up the better parts, better pay, and better awards.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule. We have majorly successful black women like Whoopi Goldberg, Michelle Obama, and…um…can you name anyone else? I can’t.