Pt 2: SeXXX Sells

Plus the proof is in the pudding. More and more people are downloading movies and music as the amount of sex increases, and the quality decreases. If sex sells, why did Christina Aguilera’s debut album sell 4 million more than the sexually charged Stripped? If sex sells, why hasn’t Beyonce (and Sasha) outsold Whitney Houston? If sex sells, why did Rihanna (the clothed girl gone naked) have to release countless singles and videos, meanwhile Alicia Keys (fully clothed) released four singles and equalled her sales in less time?

Not only is it sad for the industry in general, but also for the artist. Some of them have a good/great voice to fall back on when the public starts crying, “Grandma, put some clothes on!” However, some of them are surviving on their fashion, famous boyfriends, and any other gimmicks their record label can find.

Take Madonna and Janet Jackson, for example. They’re both told to stop going for the younger crowd and cover up. Madonna has defied the odds, and whatever her critics say, and continued on like she always has. Her soldout tours, stable CD sales, and high public interest shows that she will be fine. On the other hand, Jackson’s sales have been on the decline. The more sex she uses to sell, the lower her sales get. She’s been dropped by two record labels in quick succession, so the future looks very, VERY bleak. She’s proof that a sexy image can only go so far before someone ‘sexier’ comes along and takes your spot.

Then the future is ruined as well. The young stars look at the current legends, icons, etc focusing on their image more than their music, and follow the same path. This leads to girls barely out of school wearing the skimpiest clothes they can find, instead of SINGING, ACTING, or DANCING. We’re stuck with ‘singing’, in between the breast shaking, ‘acting’, in between the raunchy shots, or ‘dancing’, in between the booty close ups.

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