Pt 1: SeXXX Sells

Whenever another female artist or actress starts wearing less and less clothes on stage or screen, the usual excuse is: Sex Sells…but does it?

I’m sure you’ve heard (or seen…) the naked photos of Cassie and Rihanna, but are these ‘private’ photos really that surprising? Cassie, Rihanna, and even my favourite singer, Beyonce, use sex heavily to grab a hold of your attention and not let go. Their sexuality gets them signed to record labels, magazine covers and spreads, etc. Meanwhile, more talented singers and actresses who keep their clothes on get…nowhere. They have to stick to mixtapes, play to ‘intimate’ crowds, star in films that go straight to DVD, and anything else that will be forgotten a year from now.

Does sex sell? No, I don’t think it does.

The media is pushing more and more sex all the time, especially in the music industry. The female singers are encouraged to wear little and shake a lot. Strip, drop it like it’s hot, and don’t forget to mention your album coming out when you’ve finished.

And that’s the problem right there.

These industries forget two things. One, not all of your audience consists of hetereosexual males and lesbians. Two, just because some men and women will ‘pleasure’ themselves whilst watching these raunchy music videos or films, it doesn’t mean that they’ll get out their credit cards and buy your product. When I’ve seen six pack abs on male singers, it’s never made me think, “Yep, I’ll buy your album!” No, it’s made me think, “Damn, I wish you would If You Seek Amy.”


PS. What’s with the poor excuse for these naked photos that ‘Everyone’s done it at some point. Don’t you have naked photos of yourself on your PC?”

No, I don’t.