I want you to fail

I want you to fail. I mean that.

Not really…but that seems to be the general attitude in today’s world.

Whenever something positive happens it gets very little attention.

For instance, on Concreteloop there were photographs of Michelle Williams (from Destiny’s Child) visiting children to inspire them to anything they want, and she has also joined the campaign to promote awareness of HIV/AIDs by wearing ‘Until’ bracelets. Did this get any attention from the general public? Of course not.

But the rumours that Michelle was broke (meaning in the poor house) got much more attention. Not only was it a chance to laugh and mock her situation, but also an opportunity to bash Beyonce and her family.

But why would you be more interested when someone fails?

In my opinion, it is because you are failing yourself. There is something, or many things, that you dislike about your own life, but you don’t want to address them. Instead you focus on the negative happenings in others’ lives to distract away from your dissatisfaction with your own life. You thrive on anything bad. You don’t want to hear about Beyonce marrying Jay-Z because you’d rather read about their marriage problems. You don’t want to hear about Chris Brown taking Rihanna to meet his mother because you’d rather look at the photos of Rih-Rih’s face after the ‘incident’. You don’t want to congratulate Ciara on pushing until her album came out because you’d rather laugh at her ‘flop’ album.

Do I want you to fail? No…but you want me to.

2 thoughts on “I want you to fail

  1. Copied from Ivory’s Intellect blog:

    I agree with you for the most part, because misery truly loves company. As it pertains to bashing some of these celebrities, some of them are bringing it on themselves. From day 1, I really liked Ciara, Beyonce and Rihanna but as of late, they all seem to be focused on purely selling sex… I want that to fail. Personally I don’t want to see anyone’s relationship fail, I don’t want to see anyone’s album flop and neither do I want to see video’s where anyone’s tongue is in anyone’s ear (there’s a fine line between what is sexy and what is pornish) these ladies are crossing the line and I personally think that is what the back lash is with them. I personally would like to see these ladies behave like ladies and quit trying to sell us their nice looking bodies and just sell us some good music.

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