Do white women envy pretty black women?

I feel that questions like this give white people a ‘power’ over us. It’s like we need their approval, so to make them jealous is supposed to be some sort of an achievement.

Instead of bringing race into it, I’d say that women are threatened by ‘good looking’ women period. Women seem to compete, compete, COMPETE over men like males are rare on this planet, and it’s sad that we’re so divided. Fighting against the competition might work against you; for example, you might think your ‘rival’ is gorgeous, so she’ll end up attracting your love interest, meanwhile your love interest likes YOU but your negative attitude keeps pushing him away.

Generally, I’m sick of hearing women say that they’re given dirty looks because they’re pretty. First, just because you believe that you’re ‘pretty’, it doesn’t mean that the ‘haters’ agree. They may be looking at you thinking, “She’s ugly” or probably, “Why is she staring at me?” The world does not revolve around you.

So back to the original question, Do white women envy pretty black women? Yes, they do. And black women envy pretty white women. And Asian women envy pretty biracial women. And…you get where this is going.

2 thoughts on “Do white women envy pretty black women?

  1. Lets just be real about this white women are placed in the mainstream media like their the most beautiful women we understand the beauty transends color but why is only light white or should i say fair skinned women always put at the top of the food chain in this society why do white America try so hard to make the Black dark skined woman feel like she the least beautiful if what your saying is so true answer that if shes not envyed then wha do yu call it.

  2. The people in power have their own agenda: always show black people in a negative light. That’s why black women must be ugly, black boys must be thugs, black men must be deadbeat dads, and black girls must be hoes. In my opinion, the everyday white woman doesn’t know about that agenda. It isn’t aimed at her, so why would she? If she hears about it, there’ll always be a white person who reassures her that someone is “playing the race card”.

    Plus white women have the same agenda to fight i.e. blonde hair, blue eyes, average skin tone (not tanned or pale), and skinny is beautiful. Most white women don’t fit this image either, but it’s not so obvious because stereotypically they’re not far off from the ideal.

    I’d say it’s not “White America”-we have the same agenda worldwide-but Hollywood and other big businesses making off everyone’s insecurities.They make us feel bad, tell us what’s wrong with us, and then sell us the “solution”.

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